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If you think the winter term is the darkest and grimmest of them all, you’re right! But there are always silver-linings to be had.

One time D’admiral and Chuckles came to Geelong to party and we accidently started worshipping balloons…
… then they heard that Stinky was going to take students to the zoo and decided to get in on that action. Chuckles liked G-town so much that she snuck onto the bus and came home with Stinky! She helped us find (and use) pretty lil coloured glasses, even though she could not explain what Moose was doing…
People helping other people is always nice to see. Like this dude changing a tyre outside Stinky’s work…
*We* will need help if the Wee Stitches keep on multiplying like this…
Speaking of evil, have you seen these lollies?
Given Stinky’s current blonde status, it’s easy to see which one she is…
She is so sour and evil that when she heard a wee little birdy had burrowed into her Death Star to make its home, she immediately expressed a desire to wring its adorable little neck.
Here we see the spotted pardalote lurking and glaring at potential threats:
Luckily for the bird, Stinky had ditched a term full of student teachers and overdue correction and wandered off to Indonesia with students, and was well out of neck-wringing range.

Pye got home from work on the Friday, ready to enjoy the holidays, and found this waiting by the front door:
start of the holidays.jpg
Two dozen bottles of wine? Sounds like a great holiday plan!
Meanwhile, we’ve had just about enough of Woolworths’ pro-cannibalism propaganda…
Being in need of a haircut, Chuckles rolled back into town. Pye met her in Queenscliff for lunch and they accidentally bought a new mirror for the mantelpiece.
The stain was much too dark, though, so of course we had to strip it back. The chap at the paint shop suggested it would be best to sand it, rather than use chemicals. We explained that our level of laziness made that suggestion ridiculous and then stared at him until he gave in and found us what we wanted.
When not disturbing the Dust Demons in the house, Chuckles got stuck into the garden and really told it what for. It ended up looking like Stinky after a haircut, yay!
Pye had to take her home before there were no plants left! Chuckles had found a remote control helicopter for the children to play with, which seemed like a lot of fun. We got it working and took it outside where it went straight up and up and up, then fell down and got stuck in a tree. Andru claims it wasn’t a biological interface error, that the remote was possessed and eventually we did get it back again (and it is still less horrifying than the remote control spider we gave D’admiral for Fathers' Day, lol).
somers_helicopter.jpg somers_helicopter_rescue.jpg
Though jetlagged, the Crew were full of stories from their recent adventures in Europe, and were particularly enamoured of King Ludwig II. Here are their postcards, they sound like Moose!
Speaking of correspondence, the Cabin Girl was compelled to put pen to paper of this grievous insult:

Dear Woolworths manager,
I am very disappointed with you.
In the past years of my life I thought that the shops you ran were very honest and never false advertised.
Well I was wrong. I have bought some ‘seedless’ mandarins and I have found seeds in them!
I would advise you to change the wording of the packaging or inform the company who grows and packages them to make sure they are ‘seedless’.
If you take the time to do something about this or even read this letter I thank you very much.
Cabin Girl
Age 9

Lil Stinky hung out as well, and represented Big Stinky by occasionally knocking over wine glasses and telling vaguely off-colour jokes around the children.
She was kept well away from Pye’s holiday science experiment, which was to get a bowl of milk, drop in a bunch of food colouring, then a squirt in a bit of dishwashing liquid. The colours go crazy, it’s great!
Spring decided that the sun should come out and the children almost went for a swim (Pye was not even tempted and kept on shouting about how she had an ice cream headache in her feet).
There was a bit of seaweed still around, which the children enjoyed:

No one has ever fallen in such a controlled and acrobatic manner!

We’re allowed to laugh, she was fine! As the holidays started to wind up, Stinky came back from her Indonesian adventures and shanked a few people who asked about how she enjoyed her holiday. A nice lunch in Queenscliff helped her feel a bit more holiday-ish, although things kicked off badly when the place we were heading wasn’t just shut but shut down.
We eventually found a place that would take us, and Stinky got to have wine for the first time in forever.
Camel got to read up on his brethren by book on camels that Stinky picked up in Indonesia and we all tried not to get sunburnt.
Stinky also brought back wee packets of tissues with Angry Birds on them, which were the best present – we popped down to the park and played Angry Birds In Real Life (read: piffed tissues at each other a lot), because that’s how we roll.
Andru’s birthday was coming up, so we had a birthday cake in the park. It took all of us to get the candle lit…
…and a bit of teamwork to figure out how to work his present.
Then we popped two thirds of us on the ferry and waved each other off (look closely and you’ll see us).
That was about as much fun as we were allowed to have before heading back to school for Term 4. Wooo, bring it on!

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