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Term Four kicked off with a new addition to the Spinstar Pad – isn’t he adorable?! Even if he's not a fan of flowers...

He started off as a normal gnome, but once he was around the un-dead caculents, he kind of caught zombie. We’re pretty sure that he got it from this cactus, which had been lying around for an unconscionably long time after being pruned, waiting for a home. Look it shouting ‘Tis but a scratch! I got better!’
The zombies haven’t scared the birds away – in fact, they seem to be encouraged. There was suddenly a nest of baby pardalotes screaming inside the Death Star. The parents spent their time going nyooooom in and out of the nest and fighting with the new Holland honey eaters in the trees. They’re scrappy little fluff-balls! 
They grew up and flew away, but they weren't deterred and hatched another batch in time for Christmas!

Speaking of hatching,
Mazinga got herself a new little sister – Totoro turned out to be Viola. Mazinga’s not sure what to make of Stinky…
But Totoro and Viola hit it off right away.
Mazinga showed us her range of Italian and English (the bit where she says ‘PUT IT DOWN’ is fun – it happens if reference to the new baby, particularly when Totoro is being fed, oddly enough), then she showed her talents at blowing kisses – very cute!
The term is a mad one, but that didn’t stop us popping up to Lake Eacham in the Atherton Tablelands for Dave and April's wedding. Because, you know doing the equivalent of a Londoner popping to Moscow for the weekend is what Australians are good at. We headed off after school on Friday, running into the parent of one of Pye’s Year 12 students who was also heading up to Cairns. She was kind enough to drop us at our hotel at 1am – we did not see that coming. We headed into the tablelands the next morning, so this is what we got to see of Cairns.
saw a lot of cairns.jpg
We investigated Lake Eacham and its big pines…
… Stinky was only mildly obnoxious about the last crater lake she was at...
…and were glad we’d left Moose behind when we ran into a magnificently silly-named pademelon.
The wedding was lovely and, despite our best efforts, no one fell in the pool.
We’re pretty sure we were up the next morning before some people had gone to bed, but we had to fang it back to Cairns in the rain, so Stinky could go to work on Monday. Pye was very gracious about having the Melbourne Cup long weekend and only gloated a little. Andru, Chloe and Grandmama got up stupidly early too to hitch a ride with us (it was fortunate the Corolla we tried to hire was upgraded to a Jeep, otherwise it would have been a very intimate journey), and we are proud of everyone for not spewing as we made our winding way through the mountains. We’re not sure what the brush turkey lurking in the reception area thought of it all, but what do we care what some jive turkey thinks?
We were very weary after our adventures and, as Bill Bryson observed, we have long known that it is God’s plan for us to spend time with every stupid person on earth during the course of our lives. Stinky was working up to homicide, when a graduating year 12 student brought in a teeny tiny nine week old miniature dachshund puppy in to visit. She wandered into the classroom with little Wiener and everyone lost it. We all got to sit on the floor and play with Wiener and he was very good and didn’t widdle on anyone. He bounded around the whole group and said hello to everyone (the Indonesian girl pointed out he was the size of a standard Kalimantan rat, which was accurate, but didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for cuddles). Wiener tuckered himself out and had a bit of a nap and his mum was very lucky that we didn’t puppy-nap him ourselves. Long story short, Stinky was so delighted, Wiener might just have saved everyone’s lives.

The only thing that threatened to come close to Wiener’s cuteness is this ad:
Moose has never wanted to be a human who poops out his butt before, but by golly he wants to give it a red-hot go now!

Apropos of nothing, Stinky is outraged at the labelling on her crochet hook. Emphasis on crochet hook.
Pye is outraged for other reasons – she thinks that Ikea is judging her relationship with the couch…
…which is blatantly unfair, because she abandoned the couch for a month to go gallivanting.

While Pye was off gallivanting in Morocco on another World Challenge trip, Stinky had the choice between trying to find street parking around her school, or walking. Not much of a choice, really. It meant that she got to see her favourite moving company a lot…
…although she’s still not sure where the dolphins are being moved to, or why they have to be so dang mobile.

Then there was the time she was quietly waiting at the lights to cross, when a bloke came through with a trailer. He hit a pothole and one of the tyres popped clean off and came screaming towards Stinky when all she wanted to do was walk home. It hit a bump in the road and went bouncing, zigzagging across Ryrie St in peak hour – somehow nothing and no one was hurt and it was great fun to watch.

She later missed a bunch of chicken parts being strewn across the road by 15 minutes, which she finds bitterly disappointing.

Classes finally started winding up, but we still had to entertain the children who had the ill-grace to keep turning up to school. Stinky helped out with a day where we made playdough, then made stuff and the end-goal was to animate something with it. The girls happily spent their whole time just playing with the playdough, leaving Stinky the only one who finish the job. At least she had fun!
Just in case Stinky got lonely (and because they had to be Good People and go watch a kid in a play), the crew came to visit.
We tried to find the old brick shithouse…
…but it was too deep, so we wandered down to the playground instead.
On the way, Stinky pointed out a bloke’s house just down the road – John’s house. John cannot abide leaves in his yard, which is a brave ideal to hold to, as our street is full of enthusiastically-shedding gum trees. We were playing ‘let’s crunch all the crunchy leaves in the world’ on the way back and the Powder Monkey had one in his hand. As we wandered along, he looked up and realised that we were at John’s house. The Powder Monkey regarded the leaf in his hand, then calmly piffed it into John’s front yard. That lad has a fine trolling future ahead of him!

Speaking of trolls, Stinky found a rather nice old desk, messaged Pye a picture of it and asked if we wanted it. When she said yes, Stinky pretended that when she went back to buy it it was gone. Camel appreciated the trolling plan, too!
D’admiral and Chuckles came a-visiting the next weekend, for a birthday party (not the Powder Monkey's party, but they did drop in to surprise the heck out of him on his birthday, too). As luck would have it, they left their energy-efficient house at the beach to visit the Edwardian weatherboard house on the weekend where we hit 44 degrees. Such fun! We had to investigate air-conditioned pubs, then cowered in the one air conditioned room in the Spinster Pad. The stupid weather didn’t stop Chuckles from getting up early and beating up the garden (it deserved it and looks a lot better). The freshly-pruned leaves went crispy very, very quickly in the heat.
D’admiral fixed our back door handle, too, which we’d been dealing with by looking away and singing ‘la la la not looking!!’
It’s lucky Stinky is on holidays now, or she would have found a way to get D’admiral and Chuckles to go to work for her, too! To resist the temptation, we went to Little Creatures, where D’admiral got beaten up a bit.
Whoops, I meant to say we had a very nice lunch.
It’s also lucky that the weather broke – they might have got back to the beach in time for the temperature to drop 20 degrees and the rain to kick in!

Pye staggered back to Australia just in time for Christmas, so her Moroccan adventures and general summer shenanigans are just going to have to wait until later. Merry Christmas!

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