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How much can you party when Term 1 only goes for eight weeks oooooh yeah
If you can successfully ignore a ridiculously busy work term, the first few months of any year is highlighted by The Birthday Season. Cousin Laura gathered the troops to commemorate 30 years, but did not take advantage of the opportunity to line up the million children present and race them…
… an act which Belrog also avoided when she went and celebrated another spin around the sun, pfft. Still she did inspire us to shower Chuckles with food-creation-based gifts for her birthday…
(fondue pot not featured here) … after which Chuckles basked in the glow of her children and grandchildren.
The children made friends with a dog they decided to name Bouncer while playing cricket on the beach (they’ve never seen Neighbours, the name was a coincidence, lol). He was very agreeable and helpful, doing all the fielding and generally being cool. Later, he appeared in the neighbour’s yard, as if to say hello. Upon closer inspection he was saying hi, but not to us – can you see the terribly ill mixomatosis rabbit on our side of the fence?
“Bouncer is here! Hooray! Let’s invite him in to chase the ball!” cried the children. “Come on over, Bouncer!”
“OKAY!” said Bouncer.
“Here’s a ball, come and chase it!” shouted the children.
“AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! THAT ISN’T NICE!!!” wailed the children.
We can’t tell you what we said, because we were too busy rolling around on the ground with laughter. To add some icing to the cake, it turns out that Bouncer belongs to an obnoxious neighbour who never makes any effort to restrain him – and Bouncer took the rabbit home. We hope he put it in the pool or hid it somewhere hard to find, muaha ha ha ha!

One of the nice neighbours was later having A Conversation with said obnoxious neighbour, wherein Bouncer was accused of stealing shoes from front doors. Imagine everyone’s surprise when the true culprit was revealed to be a really tall, sassy fox, who we also spotted scoping out D’admiral and Chuckles’ deck. What the hell does a fox want with shoes?!

Our birthday completes the early birthday season, and also happened to fall between the two busiest weekends in March, bah! Undeterred, we pretended we were back in Europe by drinking all the beer in the Munich Brauhaus, conveniently located near the Polly Woodside (which we again failed to bust out of dry-dock).
Then the next day, miraculously hangover-free, D’admiral and Chuckles joined us for a winery tour… on Segways! Now, we know Segways sound lame, but you only think that until you’ve been on one. Once they take the speed-limiter off, it is on for young and old!
It’s really hard to fall off a Segway, but Chuckles and Pye both managed it, by the simple method of getting over-excited and running into a stationary Segwayer. They both say they regret nothing and would do it again in a heartbeat. Stinky ended up almost parallel to the ground fanging it around some corners, and D’admiral later revealed he got up on one wheel doing figure 8s towards the end, so quite frankly it’s amazing we didn’t all end up in the middle of a dam.

The following weekend we got the chance to catch up with Cousin Adrian, his wife Kathryn and sprog Alfie, who were on a whirlwind visit from London, and also wish the Usurper Babies a happy first birthday. Here you see us fighting them for being the only other twins in the family and for having the temerity to be born on our birthday. We won (this time), but it’s only a matter of time before they can take us.
usurper_punch_on02.jpgusurper_punch_on01.jpg usurper_punch_on03.jpg
The best part of our birthday for Pye is that is always falls near (or on) her school’s Open Day, meaning she gets to go to school on a Sunday. Hurrah! It’s a real treat, and she never gets tired of it, seriously, it’s the best. Because we are somewhat challenged, we’d also applied to have a stall at Torquay’s Cowrie Market that day, without realising until later that Stinky would be left all alone. Still, she womanfully made it through, and even managed to flog a bit of stuff! Yay! She has learned that she doesn’t like it when people say, “Wow, how clever and cute!” but don’t put their hand in their wallet, but is using the experience to build resilience.

The term drew to a close both really quickly (hurrah, here come the holidays!), but also too soon (given the amount of work needing to be done). A bunch of other stuff happened, but it was all too boring to bother about, so soon there was nothing else for it but to bog off to Bali with the Powder Monkey, Cabin Girl and crew again – cape deh!

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