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Oct. 1st, 2016 02:43 pm
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Term three is always endless – it’s about the same length as term two, but there are no long weekends to give hope in the dark times and the weather is invariably crap.
Pye dealt with it by bogging off to Indonesia with a bunch of teenagers again and God dealt with it by sending apocalyptic rain. For a week.
Stinky dealt with it by trudging to and from school in the biblical rain – as there is no parking at her school, she was going to be soggy one way or another. At least this way she was prepared for it. This is what got her to work mostly dry one day:
And this was what kept the bloke in front of her mostly dry. It’s a glitch in the matrix!
According to Pye it can’t have been that much rain, because she didn’t see any of it at all – but she couldn’t miss Stinky enthusiastically monitoring the Barwon Water storages graphs, and she certainly couldn’t avoid Stinky shouting ‘LOOK! THE LINE GOES Vertical! VERTICAL!’
Before you start to think that we have really low standards for highlights, an actual highlight was Matilda. We were all very excited for it, even if that random little dude in the red hoody was less impressed.
We even got to sit in the second row! …and if you choose to interpret that as ‘second from the front’, who are we to dissuade you?
Their marketing team’s ideas were pure genius, too – what teacher wouldn’t want one of these on their desk?!
In the lead up to her school trip, Pye had decided to do a bit of fundraising, but because the Jesuits would demand a tithe, the kids had to be a bit clever-clever sneaky-sneaky about it. A boy code-named ‘Colin’ organised the boxes and methods of distribution were discussed. Students were encouraged to devise clever hiding places so that their product was on hand when they detected a potential customer…
… they could establish a speakeasy in their locker and deal from there…
(Text: This is not a speakeasy For real don’t even ask me about chocolate wink)
…they could display their product in a subtle yet effective manner, enticing customers to impulse-buy. This had the added advantage of keeping our dealers mobile so they could run away very fast if their customer turned out to be a narc…
… or they could adopt a combination approach…
That was pretty much a highlight of a term where even unicorns give up…
Poor little dude, hope he had a nice rest over the holidays. It was only fitting we try and imitate his example and also rest up - although it was an uneasy rest, as Moose seemed to have something on the go with Lil Iggy…
We decided that, since discretion is the better part of valour, the best thing to do was to leave them to it (and hope that the house was still there when we got home) and wander down to Somers, on account of being afraid we’d forget what Lunch was like. D’admiral and Chuckles helped us remember…
…although we almost lost Chuckles in the vineyards – we figured she’d come home once she finished the pruning…
She didn’t, so we formed a band and tricked her into coming to check it out.
We made up for the damage of lunch, with some lovely walks in surprisingly nice weather.
There was all sorts of wildlife to harass…
And the drama playing out in the lagoon cannot be understated (seriously, that little duckling almost didn’t make it away from the big mean ducks and the cygnets didn’t care – that’s some ugly behaviour towards the duckling, dudes!).
Things were going about as you’d expect…
…until a car pulled up and chucked Monty at us. Not Monty, the really disgusting one from ‘Monty and Sarah, beloved childhood zombie-toys’….
…but Monty the Jack Russell from down the road, who likes to escape, but will find Chuckles when he wants to go home and his Humans aren’t around. Monty was a bit confused as to why he was evicted from the car, but he just went with it in the end.
We also got to have long-overdue catch ups with a whole bunch of people that we had neglected shamefully in the doldrums. We could talk about the litres of lemon cordial we bottled, or the different types of bread that Milton the Sourdough monster gave us, or the slightly distressing lime chutney that Moose wants to fight, but we have been issued a cease and desist order by Moose’s people. Who counts as Moose’s people? This little dude. Let’s hope Moose doesn’t break him!

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