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2017-07-16 10:53 am

Bad Language Ahead

We have had another long term, but it’s been full of fun. This fun should probably come with a language-warning.
Umm-aah! )
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2017-04-16 10:49 am

The Great Sumatran Adventure: Chapter the Second: Volcanoes are so hot right now

Leaving the jungle behind, we took to the hills to the mountain village of Berastagi in the Karo Highlands. MOUNTAINS AREN'T JUST FUN, THEY'RE HILL AREAS )
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2017-04-15 10:48 am

The Great Sumatran Adventure: Chapter the First: Jungle Boogie

Term one holidays apparently seem to mean we go to Indonesia with family, so to up the ante, this time we took not just Andru, Robyn and the kids, but also D’admiral and Chuckles. EVERYONE TO SUMATRA, STAT )
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2017-04-14 05:12 pm

Bye LJ!

Livejournal is so passe that even the hipsters laugh at it. Now the Russians are being weird about it too, it's time to go and find another anti-social social network. If you're not a robot and wonder where that is, you can find our gallivanting adventures by replacing -dot- with . here:
and our term time ramblings here:

Moose will be there too, sadly.
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2017-04-14 10:45 am

*Another* Term 1?!

You’d think we’d be used to it by now, but we’re always surprised about how Term 1 always goes quickly and is packed full of fun. HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS, PEEPS )
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2017-02-05 07:21 pm

Summertime Celebrations

What comes after Christmas? Why, New Year’s, of course! No matter how often it happens, it always takes us by surprise how quickly it comes about. When it comes to celebrating the new year, how much do you wanna bet that heaps of people had ‘THREE, TWO, ONE!’ as their last words of 2016, and ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ as their first of 2017? Hooray! )
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2016-12-31 03:09 pm

Merry Shitscram!

Once upon a time, the giant cactus that may be more structurally sound that parts of our house was very, very happy.

Must be the silly season… )
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2016-10-01 02:43 pm

Term meh

Term three is always endless – it’s about the same length as term two, but there are no long weekends to give hope in the dark times and the weather is invariably crap.Welcome to eternal darkness... )
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2016-10-01 02:16 pm

Why be original, just take students to Java & Sumatra!

The time had rolled around again wherein it was Pye’s turn to take students to Indonesia what, has it been two years already? )
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2016-07-24 04:11 pm

Moose Has Birthday, Populace Rejoices

This term, Moose turned 18. Nothing else important happened.I mean, how could anyone compete with that? )
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2016-04-10 05:26 pm

We’ve Been to Bali Too (again)

If you do the same thing two years in a row, does that make it ‘the usual’? maybe we’ll have to make it three, just to be sure… )
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2016-04-06 07:24 pm

8 Weeks of Rad

How much can you party when Term 1 only goes for eight weeks oooooh yeah a short term is good in theory… )
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2016-02-20 03:19 pm

Party Like It’s 2015!

And lo, it did then come to pass that Stinky and Pye did once again enact the Rite of Summer.You steal the goat, I’ll find a priest )

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2016-01-11 05:57 pm

Pye is Challenged... in Morocco!

Does anyone remember the time in 2011 when Pye was called upon at the last minute to go on a World Challenge expedition? WELL IT HAPPENED AGAIN.
Pye! Everyone’s second choice! )
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2015-12-27 02:52 pm

Stuff and Nonsense

Term Four kicked off with a new addition to the Spinstar Pad – isn’t he adorable?! Even if he's not a fan of flowers...
Auugh, the yellow, it burns, it burns! )
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2015-10-21 04:51 pm

Term 3: Much Fun, Such Games

If you think the winter term is the darkest and grimmest of them all, you’re right! But there are always silver-linings to be had.
Mind you, the clouds were pretty big too... )
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2015-10-03 07:09 pm

Part 2: Sumatra Roadtrip

We flew Lombok – Jakarta – Medan, arriving at a shiny new airport. Some of the smaller airports were closed because Indonesians like to set fires for shits and giggles – it shits off the neighbours and the Indonesians giggle.

It's all fun and games until you giggle and shit. )
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2015-10-03 05:00 pm

Lombok Hai, Pt 1

There’s nothing Stinky likes more than heading off on a trip to Indonesia with a bunch of teenagers. Like, seriously, she's mad for it!! But do you know would make it even better? Hey, what if we kicked it off with a 3:20am bus to the airport! YAAAYYYYYYI’M PRETTY SURE THAT THE TRAVEL AGENT IS NOT MY FRIEND )